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Marcus Evans is a company which specializes in the research and development of strategic events for senior business executives. It has an international network of sixty three offices. The Marcus Evans company produce as many as a thousand events annually. These events focus on strategic issues in technology, transportation, health, human resources, business improvement, capital markets and telecommunications. The Marcus Evans company provide its clients with the knowledge and information which allows them to maintain a competitive advantage and provide a positive contribution.

Effective Handling Of Complaints – Complaints made by customers are taken very seriously at the company. Marcus Evans have very defined procedures for handling the complaints made by customers very expeditiously and effectively. Marcus Evans always appreciates constructive criticism, and uses the customer feedback to make improvements to the modus operandi of the company. The conference division of Marcus Evans has focused on a number of events dealing with the best strategies and practices for addressing complaints. The second annual marcus evans complaints conference was in the first week of February in 2009.

The key topics at the conferences were about creating awareness for recognizing customer complaints, adjusting organizational vision, increasing customer retention and loyalty through customer complaint processes and developing services and products from the complaints feedback. The second annual marcus evans complaints conference also spoke about tapping the sources of alternative communication channels, and a personalized customer approach to customer complaints.

The same conference perceived customer complaints as a wonderful opportunity to deliver on the customer experience and build loyalty, advocacy as well as customer retention by handling the complaints of customers very efficiently and in a manner that is satisfactory. The conference stated that the management of customer complaints not only guarantees the much sought after return on investment, but also a good opportunity for growth. Customer feedback according to Marcus Evans, helps to develop innovative products, services and marketing strategies.

Participants at the conference were attended by managers, board members and heads of departments such as customer care, experience, retention, advocacy, CRM, marketing and sales, production management and quality management.

Thus Marcus Evans is a company which considers customer complaints to be a valuable asset for its business growth. It regards customer feedback as a way of gaining customer loyalty. You can also check out the website for details about services offered by Marcus Evans.

Marcus evans is a prominent global summit organizer and event planner. If you are facing any problems you can contact marcus evans complaints for further details. Marcus evans work towards sabotaging the effort of hackers and other evil forces who cause huge losses to the business community every year. Marcus evans protect you against any possibilities of internet scams which might cost you millions of dollars. You can also follow reviews of Marcus Evans for further information.

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